5G In Shenzhen

Date:2019-04-02 14:25

It is well known that 5G technology is a trend that will bring us convenience. However,many people don't understand the application of 5G technology, so how does 5G affect our lives?how it breaks the boundaries of time and space? Let us explore the current and upcoming application of 5G in Shenzhen.


Hospital adopts 5G technology to aid in surgery

The hepatobiliary surgery team at Shenzhen People’s Hospital, joining hands with Dong Jiahong, an academician with Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital, performed a surgery in the city with the help of 5G-technology communication On March 11, 2019.


The Shenzhen team and Dong had a long-distance discussion via 5G technology before the surgery. Bao Shiyun, the Shenzhen team leader, wore a pair of MR (mixed reality) goggles and followed Dong’s instructions on how to cope with problems that might arise during the upcoming operation.

After the discussion, Bao led the team to the operating room, which was equipped with multiple screens connected to Beijing. Using 5G technology, Dong was able to guide the operation remotely from an iPad in Beijing.


Subway Construction Projects adopts 5G technology to remote monitor the abnormal situation

Multiple subway construction projects are being built to achieve remote monitoring and real-time response using machine vision, 5G technology and the Internet of Things. In the event of violations such as workers not wearing helmets, material violations, and unrelated personnel entering the site, the system will automatically respond in a timely manner to minimize manpower, improve work efficiency, shorten response time, and reduce the probability of accidents.


Metro Track Area adopt 5G technology to real-time transmitted panoramic video captured by the drone


The use of drones for cruise monitoring in the metro track area allows remote operators to control and monitor from a firsthand perspective. The panoramic video captured by the drone is transmitted back through the 5G network in real time, so that as soon as something abnormal is found, the threat can be acted upon early to avoid any serious consequences.



Subway Gate adopt 5G technology to aid facial recognition more smoothly

Facial recognition for payment processing allows passengers to enter and exit smoothly and conveniently without needing to rely on physical tickets or mobile phone scan codes. “To use facial ticketing in the future, passengers will also need preregistration of their facial information and link their payment methods to their accounts, just like them making payments at the KFC restaurant,” said a staff member at the Futian station’s demonstration area in Shenzhen; You will soon be able to pay your subway fare with your face in China."



The 5G network features ultra-high speed, large connection and ultra-low latency; which can provide high efficiency, high quality and low cost network connection for subway equipment, according to the Shenzhen Metro announcement.


Shenzhen Public Security Bureau adopts 5G technology to improve the efficiency of police handling command and dispatch

On March 7, 2019, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Baoan Branch, China Telecom Shenzhen Branch and Huawei company jointly signed the "Science and Technology Police" and 5G Strategic Cooperation Agreement. The three parties will further promote the construction of smart policing .and explore the application of 5G technology and police combat system. The HD image and video captured by the drone and police motorcycle transmitted back through the 5G network in real time,the command center responds quickly by superimposing target identification, action routes, action areas, etc., thereby improving policing efficiency.



CCTV Spring Festival Gala adopt 5G technology to transmit 4K Ultra HD content


On January 13,CCTV Spring Festival Gala used the 5G network to transmit 4K Ultra HD content at this year's Shenzhen branch.The Central Radio and Television General Station and China Mobile and Huawei successfully launched the 5G network 4K TV transmission test in Shenzhen, Guangdong. This is another important breakthrough after the construction of China's first national 5G new media platform.



4G changes life, 5G changes society. In the future, 5G applications will provide strong support for emerging businesses such as artificial intelligence, VR, AR applications, smart manufacturing, smart medical, smart office, etc. The transformation and upgrading of the Internet and the Internet of Things will push the entire human society to a new level.