Discovery Shenzhen--Why Shenzhen is the Paradise for Hardware Product Innovation

Date:2019-03-15 17:11

When you are using electronics like smartphones, drones, robots,and etc, does the question of where are these products made come to your mind? If you take a closer look, you will realize that they are made in Shenzhen China.Nowadays, not only China's domestic companies come to Shenzhen but more foreigne companies and innovators flooded to Shenzhen for their hardware products innovation and production. 

There are 5 fundimentals that is forming Shenzhen into its current huge success.  

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Unprecedented Industry Cluster.  With nearly 40 years of development, from simple hard labour manufacturing, Shenzhen has developed a full ecosystem of product development. Within an hour of driving, you are able to find everything to build a product, especially in the area of where electronics and hardware suppliers are. From Industrial design to electronic solutions,from tooling to massive production and assemble. Unlike other countries, where innovators need to drive from cities to cities, fly from countries to countries. Here in Shenzhen, all you need is a few phone calls, take a taxi, and you are able to get what you need within 1 or a few days. 


Government Support and Guidance .   The government plays an important role in the formation of this ecosystem. The governments' role is not to interfere or direct involment in the ecosystem, but to offer policy and guidance,  incentives for those who excell in certain areas. So companies or talents feel welcomed and will be confident to grow their business and performe their best.  Companies and innovators produce and sell their products here in Shenzhen, the ecosystem is not only limited to build, but to grow their business rapidly.

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Intergrated Ecosystem  .Only with great facility and talents that make great products it not sustainable. Everything must be intergrated, product development and sales,logistics and exportation. Shenzhen definitely is not only relying on munufacutring. one of the greatest powerhouses of Shenzhen is international trading and cross-boader e-commerce. Sellers on leading online shopping platforms, are mostly from Shenzhen China. Great product supply plus strong sales channel, products can be consistently flow to other places and countries. This is a positive feedback for those manufactures at the backend, in the long run that the whole ecosystem built. 

Nonstop and Diligent Workforce Supply. There is a slogan almost every Shenzhener knows, which is 来了就是深圳人 means you are Shenzhener once you came. Among all those big cities in China, Shenzhen are one of the few cities that are friendly to young people. There is not only these open and fair play cutlure, government provides subsidiry ,to those who have a bachlor degree, which allows young people to put their feet in Shenzhen right at the begining. so every year , there are tens of thounsands young graduates with sicence and engineering or maketing education background come to Shenzhen , to pursue their dreams and help others to fulfill their dreams. 

Pioneering and Down-to-earth City Spirit. Shenzhen , like those young people who is full of energy and dream, is full of great power and uniqueness with its pioneering and down-to-earth spirit. Unlike other places where people talk about dreams or even empty dreams. Shenzhener are very practical, and move very fast. where you can have a wasite land built into a CBD within 4 years, where you can have a world leading product built within 3 months. when make the hardware product, Shenzhener aims big but start from doing what id dobale. 

"Rome was not built in a day,so is Shenzhen." 

With all these efforts of generations, Shenzhen starts to get its reputation of Hardware product innovation and manufacturing. More atttention and interest has started to put on Shenzhen. As the people, government, even with more expats, we can forsee, Shenzhen will definitely get power to move forward to develop  more technology and worldwide brands. As one of the first few cities opened up to the outside world, Shenzhen keeps its door wideopen to the world . Welcome to China, Welcome to Shenzhen, the PARADISE OF HARDWARE INNOVATION. "