【2018 Maker Faire Shenzhen 】to open in Shekou

Date:2018-10-09 17:51

The 2018 Maker Faire Shenzhen, an annual fair showcasing cutting-edge gadgets and projects, will be held at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shekou this weekend.

The fair, featuring 150 booths and 20 workshops from 30 countries and regions, will open on four floors in the center, which are divided into four sections, respectively, maker BBS, maker market, maker device and maker workshop. Diversified project teams are invited from all over the world to bring fresh experiences to participants.


At the Maker Faire Shenzhen Forum on Sunday, speakers will discuss the concept of co-making in an updated context of city, referring to the physical or thematic spheres in which groups of individuals come together to create with a common goal.


From maker spaces and classrooms where makers, parents and students learn the basic skills to designers and artists who take their crafts to the next level by venturing out of their offices and studios to search for collaborators in unlikely places, and those who lead efforts to find tech solutions towards a greater good, these makers define and create their own cities in which the citizens are those who identify with its values and co-make.

The speakers will share experiences of co-making in their own cities and by bringing these examples to Maker Faire Shenzhen and the organizers hope to inspire more co-making to take on a shape of its own in this city we live in.