3 Ways to Avoid 'Copycat' and Protect Your Intellectual Property

Date:2018-09-29 16:54

‘copycat’ is much annoying because it not only misleading consumer,but also inflict the interest of company, moreover, it will reduce the enthusiasm of innovation of start-ups and makers.When Smart Shenzhen helping startups to realize their idea in China,many startups not willing to show the picture of their idea,they afraid their idea will be copied.However,afraid is useless,you need to do something.

Before R&D,it is necessarily to survey anyone have already made it or he has already applied the patent.

BYD is a famous car manufacture in China,BYD applied for 22,000 patents till 2018 and ranked seventh in Chinese companies. Inside BYD, there is a intellectual property department of hundreds of people. One of its important duties is to supervise BYD's various product divisions, and to propose at any time which technologies are patents of others and must be circumvented. "We have to dismantle a lot of cars every year. If we want to use a technology, we must first look at whether there are patents, and we will adjust and evade them. If they don't use them, we will use them." Lian Yubo said,who is the vice president of BYD , "We have even prepared for the lawsuit. Moreover, 100% will not let the opponent win." By introducing patent investigations in the R&D process to avoid or reduce patent risks, it is avoided that people are plagiarized when they are facing the market, and fundamentally eliminate risks and disputes.

Announced you have made it

The James Bond Effect (also called 007 Effect) is a theory in-propaganda and political circles, whereby the first detailed opinion/summary that someone hears or reads on a particular topic, is the one they are most likely to adopt.

Many people have a preconceived plot in watching film : the first version is considered the most classic version. Similarly, if you are the first one to announce and show a product or technology,and people will think that you are the inventor.such as,3D touch technology.

3D Touch is a pressure-sensitive feature introduced by Apple on its 2015 iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus smart phones.

Apple is the first one introduce 3D touch technology to audience,many people will think it was invented by Apple,Recently, an entrepreneur in Japan, Toshiyasu Abe, accused and sued Apple for infringing his patent, claiming that he invented a pressure-sensitive technology called "Keyboard" in 2003, and Apple's 3D touch technology is also use the pressure-sensitive. Of course, in the final case, Apple should be handled perfectly. Startups and makers should know from this case that when you have a prototype, you should announce that you have already made it or discovery the technology ,even it is not mature to the market.

How to protect your patent after infringed

When someone still copied you after you applied patent,congratulation! Your design or products are so popular in the market.But you still need to do something ,firstly ,you should warn them not to use or produce anymore.Then you should contact lawyer to send lawyer's letter to prosecute.Thirdly ,you should hire a professional agency to collect evidence.Last but most important,Improve your patented technology and difficulty, making your patents are not so easily to be copied.