Things You Need To Know About China Manufacturing

Date:2018-08-31 17:40

Written by: JMunyi  

Manufacturing in China has become a very popular option for companies that seek to lower their production costs. Today, many startups and makers realize their idea in China. So, if you are considering taking this route, here are some things you need to know when you decide to manufacture in manufacture in China. 

Things You Need to Know about China Manufacturing

1. It’s Cheaper

Everyone knows that manufacturing in China is more affordable. This can be a huge advantage in some industries, where a slight difference in prices can have a profound impact on sales. This is especially so for the retail industry. That is why reduced manufacturing costs remain to be the greatest upside to choosing to have your products manufactured in China.

2. Superior Manufacturing Conditions

China has mastered a number of things that make its manufacturing industry irresistible to many startups and makers. For instance, Chinese factories are very efficient. Additionally, with many local suppliers, raw manufacturing materials and easier to come by and also more affordable. The country also boasts of a large pool of skilled labor to carry out the manufacturing process. The quality of its manufacturing is also pretty good, and gone are the days when “Made in China” meant that the product was of a lower quality. 

3. A lot of English Speakers

There are more English speakers in China than in the United States. This should be good news for practically all overseas manufacturers. That is because it means that manufacturing directions will be easier to understand and implement when sent to Chinese manufacturers. That said, the English standards are not that good, and there might be communication issues. However, the fact that the country as a whole has a very strong interest in learning English is a good sign of things to come. 

4. Be Careful when Selecting a Factory

One of the challenges you might face while you decide to manufacture in China is that you will have to select a factory. Ingrained into the Chinese culture is a need to establish a strong relationship between you and the your business associates, including factories. This ensures you get quality work and better prices. Therefore, you might have to visit the factory you want to manufacture your products. This is great because it can help you avoid middlemen who pose as manufacturers. 

5. Decent Customer Service

When you are a startup, you are not likely to get very good services when using a Western manufacturer. But China is a little different – as they are likely to give you good services even though you are just starting out. This can go a long way in ensuring that you get precisely what you want from your Chinese manufacturer when as you seek and use their outspoken manufacturing services. 


China is considered the world’s factory for a reason. For one, manufacturing in this country is very cheap, which is why startups and makers take their manufacturing there to cut costs. Manufacturing in China is also quite efficient. However, selecting a factory, and communicating in English might be a challenge. So, you have to weigh whether or not Chinese manufacturing is for you. But on the whole, manufacturing in China is advantageous to many, including startups.