ID Industrial Design


Areas of Expertise:

Product research / Market positioning Design / Structural design / Rapid prototyping / Production tracking

About ID Design

Founded in 2016, ID Design is a professional industrial design company that has been committed to the systematic solution of product solutions and product-related design services. With the practical spirit and extraordinary strength, ID Design has become a large-scale and diversified company today. In the successful cooperation with international top companies and design organizations, the design capabilities of ID Design have been continuously growing and improving. Based on the design concept and business philosophy, we will create a more effective organizational structure and management model, and gradually establish a new image and new standard of the design industry with Chinese characteristics. Through unremitting efforts, ID Design has become one of the most outstanding industrial design companies in Shenzhen and has always maintained its vitality. Now ID Design has won widespread praise from domestic and foreign counterparts and manufacturing companies.

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