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【Visualization Puncture System】

Design by ShenZhen Perth Industrial Design Co.,Ltd. 

New Health / Industry Design

Project Details

The visual puncture system is a portable ultrasound equipment, it is based on ultrasound image and space technology. The system is equiped with a specific application which can form detailed vascular datas through scaning. It also can make professional puncture plans and procedures for medical staff’s reference. The puncture system will operate automatically according to the set process and data, the doctor only need to confirm their treatment programe and monitor their needle insertion process. The cart-style design also facilitates the movement between hospital departments, and the adjustable swivel screen stand can suit for different bed heights which can facilicate the doctor to procedure the surgery under the most comfortable posture.

Project Background

Visualization Puncture System 1.jpg

In a tradational way of a puncture surgery, the doctor decide the needle insertion location only by his personal experience or judging from the epidermal vascular condition of the patient, sometimes the surgery will failed or the optimal treating timing will be delayed. Even worsely, it will cause local thrombus or other sequelae for the patient. So, we hope to improve the accuarcy of the needle insertion through B-ultrasound technology.

Service Detail

Visualization Puncture System 2.jpg

The innovation of the visualization puncture system is to develop a surgical plan based on the measured data, and provide detailed data. The medical staff can refer to the actual situation to confirm the feasibility of the surgical plan. The whole process image is clearly displayed, which reduces the risk of the medical staff’s guessing based on personal experience. Precise control of data avoids the serious consequences of minor errors.

Product innovation through ultrasound scanning, view images, label the needle insertion points, measure blood vessel wall thickness, diameter, blood flow rate and other data, provide a basis for the wear side program, select the needle model according to the program, install the probe. The automatic push pin mode can digitally control the needle speed and strength, and a precise piercing will prevent the blood vessels from being stimulated to shift or jump.