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【Professional Medical Sphygmomanometer 】

Design by ShenZhen Perth Industrial Design Co.,Ltd. 

New Medical / New Health

Project Details


Design a series of fully automatic professional medical sphygmomanometers, mainly for high-end hospitals, clinics and health centers and other professional medical services.

Project Highlight


The patrol-type medical sphygmomanometer is designed with a portable handle for easy movement between the ward and each bed. The specially designed concave surface on the top can be used to roll up the wristband and then stored in the handle. When the handle is gripped, the finger will naturally fix the wristband. It will not fall out, and solve the problem that the wristband is entangled and the drag is not easy to carry during the inspection.

The sitting medical sphygmomanometer has a compact appearance, a human screen display, clear and easy to read, and a human button suspension design, which increases the feel of the button, makes the product full of futuristic, and is comfortable even for long-term operation.

Project Value


This product is divided into the sitting type and the patrol type. It is designed for the complex use environment of the medical institution, such as static or dynamic. The product has two kinds of measurement methods: automatic mode and auscultation mode, which can repeatedly meet the usage habits of medical staff. It can also set the average value after several measurements in any time period and record it automatically, which is helpful for the medical staff to understand the blood pressure changes of the subject.