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【Intelligent Medicine Cabinet】

Design by ShenZhen Perth Industrial Design Co.,Ltd. 

New Health / New Life / Industry Design

Project Details


With the emergence of the problem of aging, the elderly population has gradually become a vulnerable group, which is highly concerned by the society and family. Yi Jia Bao intelligent Medicine Cabinet can connected with medical institutions through remote services, bringing a whole set of professional medical services to the family and serving each family member.

Project Background


With the expansion of the human living environment, the rights of occupants in remote areas to enjoy large-scale professional medical services have gradually weakened. With the emergence of the problem of aging society, vulnerable groups such as empty nesters have received much attention from the society. The introduction of telemedicine concept products has created a new way of contact between medical experts and patients, and can accept professional no matter where the patient is.And this is the last development direction.

Service Detail


We take the simplicity of the operation of the medicine cabinet  and the stability of the remote service system as the design focus. In addition, the remote system will collect daily measurement data  and the medications  and send to the guardian's APP in real time. The guardian can keep abreast of the user's physical health status, such as system warning, and can arrange for him to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid delaying the illness. In addition, if the medicine in the medicine box is used up, the system will send out a message indicating the measurement of the name of the drug and the specific location of the nearby pharmacy. You can choose to log in or purchase it in time.