【 Snowbot Robot】

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Lubo Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry Design /  Smart Hardware /

Project Details


Snowbot is an edutainment robot mainly for the 4-10 years old children. It can build a close bond with children through action, programming, emotion, expression and voice. Task driven learning by topics and the AI cloud technology enable Snowbot to be a user-friendly,entertaining and educational companion for the children. 

By integrating Finnish STEAM education principle, Snowbot enables task driven learning process. It has a very special rolling moving system, and can be used for programming training.  It can lie down and roll on the ground in fast speed and stand up to dance, sing, tell stories and answer questions. Based on semantic cloud computing technology, Snowbot can communicate naturally with users by voice, facial expression and hand gesture interaction in a very human way.Its functions include intelligent conversation, video phone call, interaction through emotions, rolling movement, language study and storytelling. Snowbot is full of positive energy with a nice personality. It will accompany your children like a loyal pet and encourage them when they need support.