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【Fine Air Detector Formaldehyde】

Design by Shenzhen Goingwin Industry Design Co.ltd.

Industry Design / New Health

Project Details


This product adopts the advanced electrochemical formaldehyde sensor imported from the UK, which can instantly and accurately detect the formaldehyde content in the current environment, and remind the scene to easily respond to different scenes. In addition, Super mode is set to continuously monitor the change of formaldehyde content in the environment.

Project Highlight


UK imports advanced electrochemical formaldehyde sensor

The Fine Air uses internationally advanced electrochemical sensors imported from the UK, compared to traditional semiconductor sensors,its high accuracy, low power consumption, stable output and strong anti-interference characteristics make the Fine Air more professional.


The appearance is unique and the inner challenge is extreme.

Fine Air pursues the ultimate in weight, size and feel, breaking through the problems of structure, electronics, etc., to create an integrated fuselage, beyond fantasy. The 3D curved screen of Fine Air has obtained the national patent design certificate.