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【Wrist Blood Oxygen Monitor】

Design by ShenZhen Perth Industrial Design Co.,Ltd. 

Blood oxygen monitor / Industry design 

Project Details


Pulsebit blood oxygen monitor is a wearable device that detects blood oxygen and pulse and monitors blood oxygen, pulse for 10 hours and shows visual analysis data .

Project Background


After understanding the product innovations, concept, places to use, and the way to wear,we start to design the products .

The fingertip measuring ring and the wristband are worn simultaneously by the user. The external measuring finger ring during sleep can monitor the sleep oximetry index, heart pulse, sleep depth, and it have have wake-up function in real time. During exercise, body oxygen such as blood oxygen and pulse can be detected, and the number of movement steps, movement distance, exercise time, and movement speed can be recorded, and the movement target can be set.

Project Highlight


The ring and the wrist band portion of wrist blood oxygen monitor can be used alone or together.  The exercise value can be recorded when used alone. When used together, blood oxygen and pulse data can be monitored in real time.