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【Nano Atomization Phototherapy Mask】

Design by ShenZhen Perth Industrial Design Co.,Ltd. 

Smart beauty / Smart Wearable

Project Details


Nano Atomization Phototherapy Mask is a partitional beauty mask with negative ion nano atomization function.With matched APP ,people can find the best suitable mask according to different skin condition from the mask library.

Project Background

01.jpgAs we all know, our skin will change according to the external environment and our own health. The skin of the face will also be treated differently depending on the needs of the area. For example, the T area needs to be oil controlled, and the eye area needs to be supplemented with oil to reduce wrinkles, etc. The mask does not meet our changing cortical and skin problems.

If there is a private custom mask, can test the skin before each use and give beauty recommendations after analyzing the data,make the mask targeted . The use of advanced technology on the one hand reduces consumer spending on beauty products, and on the other hand allows products to be recycled, reducing the waste of helplessness.

Project Highlight


Nano Atomization Phototherapy Mask is specially added to the skin detection module. The water and oil components and health status data of each area of the skin are automatically collected before the mask is used. The matching APP tracks your skin health by analyzing the data .and then give beauty advice and match the beauty mask from the mask library.

Each mask program from mask library is developed in collaboration with skin experts . everyone find the most appropriate cosmetic treatment in the mask library.