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【Active Air Supply Respirator】

Design by ShenZhen Perth Industrial Design Co.,Ltd. 

New health / Environmental protection

Project Details

便携式个人新风系统1.jpgIt is the world's first active air supply respirator with the air volume six times of the normal human breathing respiration. Perth Design make the products the smallest volume in its size, which guarantees the comfort in the use. The product is suitable for the outdoor people in hazy weather. Besides, it is easy to carry, which ensures the breathing of fresh air.

Project Highlight


The shell of respirator adopts the direct intramode injection molding. The part of the respirator that touches the skin adopt the silica gel, which makes the whole product more close and comfortable.The respirator adopts the design language of "U” and "smile” in whole, which makes us more active and becomes a part of face. The shell of the respirator can use different colors and materials with diversified elements.The whole product is designed into organic curved surface, which makes the product more comfortable and close. 

Project Service


The silicagel part of the product can be cleaned and sterilized, which enables recycling. The user can freely change the filter. Consumables are inexpensive. The whole part adopts the direct injection molding with no spraying. The medical material is friendly to skin with safety and environment protection.