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【Baby Temperature Monitoring Wristband】

Design by ShenZhen Perth Industrial Design Co.,Ltd. 

Industry design / Temperature monitor /New health

Project Background


The newborn baby's body temperature regulation center is not perfect, there will be obvious body temperature fluctuations, and it is necessary to constantly adjust the clothes and the ambient temperature. Infant temperature monitoring is measured by the principle of hetero-resistance. It is designed for children's new body temperature monitoring equipment. It can free parents from hard work, without having to measure body temperature in real time, making it easier for parents to control their baby's body data in a timely manner.

Service Details


The Baby Temperature Monitoring Wristband is divided into two parts: the wristband and the monitor. The wristband is worn under the baby's upper arm and does not affect the baby's sleep and play. The monitoring host is placed in the mother's room or conspicuous place, which is convenient for observation at any time. The lights will be adjusted accordingly. When the warning temperature is exceeded, an alarm will be issued to remind the parents to take appropriate measures.

Project Highlight