Jiangyi Technology


Areas of Expertise:

Intelligent Environmental Protection Equipment / Smart Hardware

About  Jiangyi

The purpose of the establishment is to establish a domestic first-class professional design team based on China's native background and culture, with international standards and vision.

Jiangyi Technology  is the only company in China that focuses on the design of intelligent environmental protection equipment. We are the most sculpted products. A good business can also be a good art.
Carpenter team, focusing on product design and research and development, the existing 32 types of professional staff, the company hired Nokia, Haiermei and other domestic and foreign large-scale experts in the design of the most senior experts, with graduate, master, foreign students and other levels Education.
The craftsmanship follows the principle of design quality and quality prioritizing price. It is no exaggeration to say that the craftsman team represents the most professional design standards for China's two net activities (air purification, water purification).