Product Innovative Design

We select the innovative resource of the design  in the following 16 categories:

1.      Contemporary Logo Design                               2.      Fast consuming-brand positioning
3.      Mascot design                                          4.      VI design
5.      Packaging design                                       6.      Commercial space design
7.      New energy design8.      Air conditioning product design
9.      Web design10.    Derivative design
11.    Cultural gift customization12.    New health
13.    New intelligent hardware14.    New lifestyle
15.    New travel style16.    Intelligent robot design(artificial intelligence)

Basic Supply Chain Service

The basic Supply chain service is defined as providing one stop solution in the following categories:

1.      Prototype2.      Supplier sourcing
3.      DFM4.      Tooling
5.      Process preparation6.      Testing
7.      Mass production8.      QC
9.      Shipping

Upgraded Industrial Supply Chain Service

1.      Robot robotics2.      AR/VR hardware
3.      Digital products4.      Wearable devices
5.      Smart home6.      Vehicle electronics
7.      Medical devices

Other Services

1.Business registration2.Legitimate & tax resources coordination
3.Patent application4.Intellectual property protection
5.Activity planning and implementation6.Marketing &Media promotion